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 Anthony Tyre Washington, Mayor Pro Tem:

Committed to Community, Dedicated to Progress

Anthony Tyre is a dedicated public servant with a deep-rooted commitment to Washington, NC and its residents.


Having developed a profound connection to our rural community, Anthony understands the unique challenges and opportunities that come with rural living.


With a genuine passion for community development and a strong desire to serve, Anthony has actively contributed to the betterment of our area through various initiatives and involvement in local organizations.

Retiring from the US Army Military Police Corps with numerous awards and citations for his work and leadership ability, including the prestigious Bronze Star Medal earned for his outstanding leadership during the Afghanistan conflict, Anthony brings a wealth of experience and a strong sense of duty to his campaign.


The values instilled in him during his military service, such as integrity, selflessness, and teamwork, drive his commitment to serving the people of Washington, NC.


Anthony believes that everyone has a voice and takes pride in having the ability to understand, listen, and continue to serve others. 

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from American Military University, providing him with a solid foundation in the principles of justice for all.

Additionally, he earned a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Career Counseling from North Carolina Central University.

Inclusivity and social justice are fundamental to our community's strength and prosperity. Anthony is committed to promoting equity and inclusion, ensuring that every resident has equal access to opportunities and resources.

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